Good Reads

You’re at the public library in Carolina. You found your new reads: The Common Good by Robert B. Reich, Communion by bell hooks, and The Loneliest Americans by Jay Caspan Kang. As with the other finds, you wander until what you read on the binding moves you.  Then you read the first few pages to see if it moves you enough to check out. With all three of... Continue Reading →

Some Thoughts on Change

“Change is not a threat to your life, but an invitation to live.” –Adrienne Rich If this is accurate, and I’m suggesting that it is simply by copying it here, then physically relocating to another state is a jumpstart in living. Uprooting the life I know and moving across the country nearly 3k miles away... Continue Reading →


I thought of him as my teddy bear, but I couldn’t tell anybody that. He was a grown man for crying out loud. But it was true and he kept me from crying out loud multiple times over consecutive days. We worked together, but he was my student first. I learned his name and exactly... Continue Reading →

Ginger Fix

I arrive while Ginger is wiping down the water cooler and floor. Her moss-colored stretch pants remind me of the pair I bought two days ago. She’s wearing a cream knit top that matches her Chuck’s perfectly. She’s bent over, swiping at nothing I can see as I approach, “Hey you! You missed a spot.”... Continue Reading →

Parental Guidance?

It was my fault we were late for school. I didn’t want to wake my daughter knowing she had a rough night. I don’t like waking her up for school as it is, but it’s particularly painful when the night is long and sleep is all she needs. Still, I’m a conformist. I do what... Continue Reading →


I met a warrior the day I was born. Nourishment sautéed with onion eyes, dripping within. Pomegranate heart encased love arils— Small bursts yet the whole remains intact. Finger swords playing out stories and thoughts, capturing pleasure by secretly warding off hurt. I never knew then, how did you keep our mouths clean? I met... Continue Reading →


My former colleagues from CSU Channel Islands gave me the Becoming Journal as a parting gift. Michelle Obama put out this journal with prompts and quotes to accompany her memoir. Her point seems to be that we all have a story worth telling we just all haven’t written it… yet. I’ve been writing in this... Continue Reading →

I May Be Israeli

Written for Ora Tamir I weight “I love you” in nine languages.  My heart has linguistic roads leading to lives … I know.  Tongue around salt, I’m thirsty for words from a sea not yet created.  Compassion moves through blood and vein,  The possibility of ending becomes the next act in beginning.     Leaves sprout from my spine, as I... Continue Reading →

A Lifetime of Friendship

Jenny, Megy, and I have been friends since before we were women. We learned our first adult words together. This story is for them in honor of Women’s History Month. Megy arrives thirty minutes before I anticipate only because I think she’ll arrive thirty minutes late, per the pattern of our lifetime. Apparently, patterns change... Continue Reading →


I got fired. I’m my own boss, so it didn’t come as a total surprise. Still, it hurts. I get it though. I’m taking too many sick days and not producing well enough when I do show up. Plus, I’m critical of my only employee. Conundrum much? That’s our bumper sticker, but there’s no our... Continue Reading →

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